Acer Chromebook C733


The Acer Chromebook C733 is the ideal laptop for all ages from the very young upwards. With its safety certification, state-of-the-art low-energy consuming Intel® processor, military standard specs and a long battery life, it can stand up to the daily rigors and intense usage of students inside or outside the classroom.

Impressive Battery

The Acer C733 Chromebook's battery lasts for up to 11 long hours. With a full charge, the long-lasting battery on the C733 ensures that you do not have to look for a charging point any time soon.

HD Webcam

Height: 21.30 mmThe Chromebook features an HD webcam that allows you to video conference or do video calls with your loved ones in a crystal clear manner. The webcam comes with a wide 88° viewing angle so that you do not have to crows around the laptop during a video call.