Acer IFP


Acer digital signage are designed for long-term usage. Up to 30,000 hours of lifespan and auto cooling system make them have the ability to provide user 18/7 non-stop and reliable commercial display. Based on the IR(Infrared) technology, Acer Digital Signage Touch Series eliminates most “dead zones” and enhance pointing precision performance, while our sensor panel provides high brightness to 400 nits with light in the surroundings.

20-point touch screen

Acer Digital Signage Touch Series let you easily to explore and surf on the screen by utilizes the touch of your hands. It support 20-point touch with realistic sense and could recognize several gestures.

High brightness and color depth

With 400nits high brightness and 10-bit high color depth*, Acer digital signage are able to offer viewers a more engaging experience by crystal- clear images with true to life color.