AcerPure Cool Series


Get rid of PM2.5, dust particles, allergens, and more from your indoor air by bringing home the Acer Pure Cool Portable Room Air Purifier. This air purifier comes with a triple-filtration system (pre-filter, HEPA-13 main filter, and activated carbon filter) and an Ag+ Silver-coating filter, so you can breathe air that is free from dust, pollen, PM2.5, germs, H1N1 virus, and more. The PM1.0 Air Quality sensor keeps a track of the indoor air quality and automatically adjusts this air purifier’s speed, helping in purifying the indoor air.

Triple-filtration System

This air purifier comes with three filters, such as HEPA-13 main filter, pre-filter, and activated carbon filter, which help in effectively purifying the air in your room. These filters help in eliminating pet hair, dander, formaldehyde, gasses, odors, and up to 99.97% of airborne particles that are as small as 0.3 microns, such as PM2.5, allergies, pollen, germs, and bacteria.

Air Circulator

This air purifier comes with a circulation fan that circulates the clean air throughout your home, so you and your family can breathe clean and purified air at all times.