Cisco Webex Desk Pro


The most advanced, intelligent collaboration device for the desk.


The Webex Desk Pro is an all-in-one premium collaboration and productivity device featuring a 27-inch 4K display, 71-degree HD camera, superior sound system, and advanced noise-canceling microphone array. The Webex Desk Pro is an ideal work and collaboration station for executives, knowledge workers, and productivity champions. Enjoy all-in-one HD video and voice that provides an in-meetings experience that rivals in-person collaboration. For experts in the field where in-person meetings are not always an option, the Webex Desk Pro provides premium-quality capabilities so you always appear professional.

  • Video conferencing

    Seamlessly integrates with Webex or can be used with any video-conferencing solutions by connecting to your laptop.

  • Digital whiteboarding

    Co-create at your desk with a dedicated stylus where content is automatically saved in the Webex app.

  • Cognitive collaboration

    Bringing the power of AI to collaboration with advanced features like Webex Assistant and facial recognition.

  • Productivity champion

    With a USB-C connection, the Webex Desk Pro becomes your docking station and primary monitor with touch-redirect capabilities.


Your instant office

The Webex Desk Pro brings intelligent collaboration to the desk. Collaborate, co-create, and annotate on an interactive, touch-redirect, 4K display.