Dell EMC Networking MXG610s Fibre Channel Switch

The Dell EMC Networking MXG610s 32G Fibre Channel IO Module for the PowerEdge MX7000 is the right choice for mission-critical applications accessing data on external storage. The MXG610s provides industry-leading performance with the latest generation of Fibre Channel. It empowers enterprises to dynamically scale connectivity and bandwidth with Ports-on-Demand (PoD), provides consolidated management for an agile management structure and simplified server and storage connectivity, and employs a responsive design which protects enterprise’s infrastructure with inherent security and with non-disruptive upgrades to NVMe over Fibre Channel.

  • Optics: Transceiver, 16Gbps FC, SWL SFP
    Transceiver, 16Gbps FC, LWL SFP
  • Max. Switching bandwidth: 024 Gbps (32 * 32 Gbps) in Full Fabric Switch mode.
  • Scalability: Full-fabric architecture with a maximum of 239 switches.
  • Frame buffers: 2,000 dynamically allocated.
  • Data traffic types Fabric switch supporting unicast