Dell PowerFlex Series



PowerFlex Software-Defined Infrastructure:

PowerFlex empowers organizations to harness the power of software and embrace change while achieving consistently predictable outcomes for mission-critical workloads. PowerFlex is a modern foundation that delivers extreme flexibility, massive performance and linear scalability while simplifying complete infrastructure management and boosting IT agility. It’s the ideal foundation for organizations to modernize their mission-critical applications, consolidate heterogeneous workloads and build agile private and hybrid cloud.

Extreme Flexibility for Agile Enterprises:

PowerFlex offers extreme flexibility to meet the diverse and rapidly evolving needs of modern enterprises. It offers unprecedented choice for customers to architect their mission-critical IT environments. Mix and match storage, compute and HCI nodes in a dynamic deployment, allowing users to scale storage and compute resources together or independently, one node at a time, as needs dictate.

PowerFlex Consumption Options:

With PowerFlex, you have choice and flexibility in how you choose to consume the PowerFlex architecture:

  • PowerFlex rack is a fully engineered system with integrated networking. It is designed to simplify deployment and accelerate time to value.
  • PowerFlex appliance is a flexible solution with a small starting point and massive scale potential. PowerFlex appliance provides a broad choice of supported networking.
  • PowerFlex is also available with OpEx-based consumption options with APEX Custom Solutions. Customers can choose between APEX Flex on Demand and APEX Datacenter Utility based on their unique requirement.