Dell EMC SC All-Flash Storage Arrays

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Chassis Overview

Unless otherwise indicated, specifications apply to both SC7020F and SC5020F array models.

Chassis format
All-in-one (dual controllers, internal drive bays, networking and expansion ports)

Rack size

2 hot-swappable per chassis (active/active)

Processors per controller
SC7020F: Dual Intel® Xeon® Processors, E5-2628 v3 2.5GHz, 8 cores
SC5020F: Single Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2630 v3, 2.4GHz, 8 cores

Internal storage capacity
30 x 2.5” drive bays

System memory
SC7020F: 256GB per array (128GB per controller)
SC5020F: 128GB per array (64GB per controller)

Operating system
Dell Storage Center OS (SC OS) 7.2 or greater

Data Mobility and Migration

Replicates with other SC Series arrays*
Synchronous/Asynchronous via FC or iSCSI
Target/source relationships may be one-to-many or many-to-one
Supports all SC data services on source and target volumes
Change replication types and topologies on demand
Supports cross-platform replication with PS Series/EqualLogic arrays (either direction)

Volume mobility
Live Migrate (included in base product) enables host-transparent data movement among arrays; see also Federation section

Federated multi-array systems
Live Migrate (included in base product) enables host-transparent movement of volumes among arrays
Snapshots maintained/preserved during migration

Thin Import
Space-efficient, non-disruptive data migration from PS Series (EqualLogic) and MD3 arrays

Thin Clones
Clone standalone volumes with zero duplication of data
Clones maintain independent snapshots and replication
Ideal for VDI, test/dev, other applications that require discrete instances of common data
More efficient than dedupe for database copies

Data Optimization

Auto-tiering method
Policy-based migration based on real-time data usage, customizable 512KB-4MB page size.

Auto-tiering structure
Up to 2 SSD tiers (write- and read-intensive SSDs)

Tiering customizations
User-defined profiles, option to “pin” volumes to any tier

RAID support
RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, RAID 10, and RAID 10 DM (Dual Mirror); any combination of RAID levels can exist on a single array

RAID tiering
Auto-provisions and dynamically restripes multiple RAID levels on the same tier; no need to pre-allocate RAID groups

Thin provisioning
Active by default on all volumes, operates at full performance across all features

Thin snapshots
Records changes only, snapshots auto-migrate to lower-cost storage

Intelligent deduplication and compression
Selectable option per volume
Compression-only option also available

Environmental Operating Conditions

Operating temperature: 50 – 95°F (10 – 35°C)
Non-operating temperature: -40 – 149°F (-40 – 65°C)
Operating humidity ranges (non-condensing): 10% to 80% with 29°C (84.2°F) maximum dew point
Non-operating humidity (non-condensing): 5% to 95% with 33°C (91°F) maximum dew point
Inlet type: NEMA 5-15/CS22.2, n°42

Expansion Capacity

Supported expansion enclosures
Dell EMC SC420F: 24 x 2.5” drive bays (12Gb SAS)

Maximum drive count
SC7020F: 606 drives per array, more in federated systems*
SC5020F: 222 per array (with optional expansion enclosures), more in federated systems*

Max raw capacity
SC7020F: 4PB per array, more in federated systems*
SC5020F: 2.16PB per array, more in federated systems*

Storage media
SSD: write-intensive and read-intensive drives (can be mixed in single system), SED SSDs


Array configurations
All-flash arrays only

Storage format
Block (SAN)*

Max SAN hosts: 500

Max initiator ports: 1000

Max LUN size: 500TB

Max number of LUNs: 2000

Max number of snapshots:
SC7020F: 16,384
SC5020F: 8,192

Max IOPS:*
SC7020F: 1,200,000
SC5020F: 1,025,000

Max IOPS (with latency less than 1ms):*
SC7020F: 1,050,000
SC5020F: 818,000

Max IOPS:*
(80% reads, 20% writes)
SC7020F: 346,000
SC5020F: 330,000

Max throughput (reads):*
SC7020F: 29,000 MB/s
SC5020F: 19,000 MB/s

Max throughput (writes):*
SC7020F: 14,000 MB/s
SC5020F: 9,500 MB/s


Management interface
Browser-based (HTML 5):
Unisphere for SC (element manager)
Unisphere Central (multi-array management)
CloudIQ (cloud-based analytics and monitoring):
Client application:
Dell Storage Manager (multi-array, multi-site, cross-platform management)


Create large multi-array systems under unified management, with seamless workload migration between arrays via included Live Migrate feature. Add like or unlike arrays non-disruptively, efficiently utilizing their combined capacity and performance. Volume Advisor monitors federated arrays to suggest optimal data placement and load balancing. Volume movement does not impact snapshots or replication data protection.*

Scripting support
Microsoft PowerShell API

Host OS support
Microsoft® Windows Server®, Oracle® Solaris, HP®-UX, Oracle Linux, IBM® AIX®, Novell® NetWare, SLES, Apple, HPTru64, VMware®, Citrix® XenServer®, RedHat®

Third-party application integration
VMware, Microsoft, IBM, OpenStack, Symantec, CommVault, Foglight, Docker

Coexistence with PS Series arrays
Replication in either direction
Day-to-day management from a single interface
Thin import: space-efficient, non-disruptive data migration from PS Series arrays

VMware vSphere Metro Storage Cluster, VMware SRM, Veritas Storage Foundations Suite, IBM VIOS Recognized, Oracle Validated Infrastructure (OVI); see Dell Storage Support Matrix for additional certifications and details

Support assist (phone home), remote diagnostics and performance monitoring, automated alerts, reports and notifications, departmental chargeback

Firmware updates
Online, non-disruptive.* Firmware may be set to download automatically, with option to trigger installation manually if desired.

Workload management
Rack size:
Height: 13.33 cm (5.25 inches)
Width: 44.5 cm (17.52 inches)
Depth: 78.5 cm (30.9 inches)
Weight at maximum configuration: 24.22 kg (53.4 lb)
Weight empty: 15.15 kg (33.4 lb)

Network and Expansion I/O

Front-end-network protocols
FC, iSCSI (supports simultaneous multiprotocol)

Max 32Gb FC ports
SC7020F: 24 per array (SFP+)
SC5020F: 8 per array (SFP+)

Max 8/16Gb FC ports
SC7020F: 24 per array (SFP+)
SC5020F: 8 per array (SFP+)

Max 100Gb iSCSI ports

SC7020F: 16 QSFP28 per array
SC5020F: 8 QSFP28 ports per array

Max 25Gb iSCSI ports
SC7020F: 16 SFP28 per array
SC5020F: 8 SFP28 ports per array

Max 10Gb iSCSI ports
SC7020F: 32 SFP+ (10Gb) or BaseT ports per array
SC5020F: 16 SFP+ (10Gb) or BaseT ports per array

Management ports
2 per array (1Gb BASE-T)

Back-end expansion protocols
12Gb SAS

Max back-end expansion ports
SC7020: 24 per array
SC5020: 8 per array
Up to 16 expansion enclosures per array

Data Protection, Disaster Recovery, Security

Business continuity
Live Volume bi-directional auto-failover, auto-repair
Continuous operations, disaster recovery, disaster avoidance
Includes third-site (tertiary) replication options with Live Volume Managed Replication
Zero RTO/RPO with customizable site failover SLAs per volume
VMware Metro Stretch Cluster support
VMware Site Recovery Manager

Distributed sparing
No dedicated hot spares required, all drives available for I/O

Thin snapshots
Records changes only, snapshots auto-migrate to lower-cost storage

Application Consistency
Replay Manager: Application-consistent snapshots in Microsoft or VMware environments
AppSync: Application-consistent snapshots in Microsoft, VMware, Oracle environments

Data-at-rest encryption

Supports self-encrypting drives (SEDs)
Full Disk Encryption (FCE) based on AES-256
Drives certified to FIPS 140-2 Level 2
Key Management Server (KMS) options available for FIPS 140-2 Level 1, 2 and 3

External key manager support
Gemalto’s SafeNet KeySecure k460, SafeNet KeySecure k250, SafeNet KeySecure k150v
Thales EMS 200


SC7020F: 2 hot-swappable 1485W power supplies
SC5020F: 2 hot-swappable power supplies (1378W or 1485W options available, wattage type not interchangeable after point of sale)

Maximum output power:
SC7020F: 1485 W
SC5020F: 1378 W (1378W supply option) or 1485 W (1485W supply option)

Maximum input power:
SC7020F: 1688 W
SC5020F: 1584 W (1378W supply option) or 1688 W (1485W supply option)

Maximum input current:
SC7020F: 8.8 A
SC5020F: 16 A (1378W supply option) or 8.8 A (1485W supply option)

Maximum inrush current:
55A for 10 ms or less

Nominal input voltage operating range:
SC7020F: 200-240 VAC
SC5020F: 100-240 VAC (1378W supply option) or 200-240 VAC (1485W supply option)

Nominal input frequency: 50/60 Hz

Maximum thermal output/heat dissipation:
SC7020F: 5,760 BTU per hour
SC5020F: 5,770 BTU per hour (1378W supply option) or 5,760 BTU per hour (1485W supply option)

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